TechMark Business Simulations

For more than 35 years, TechMark has provided a foundation for some of the most innovative and memorable management development and coaching programs ever delivered. Contexed is proud to be the Premier Partner and Licensing authority for TechMark and its related product line for North America and Europe.techmark

Delivered globally in the U.S., Brazil, China, Germany, the Philippines, and the Middle East, TechMark has been experienced by thousands of students, delivered through a select network of faculty in both executive education and graduate school programs worldwide.  In fact, TechMark is believed to be the first ever business simulation delivered to a co-ed class of graduate students of business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Created by Dr. Robert Ng in the early 1980s, TechMark evolved quickly as one of the market's most flexible business simulation products. Combined with Dr. Ng's unique approach to delivering memorable, entertaining, and insightful learning experiences, TechMark-enabled programs offer Contexed clients and partnering organizations with a significant competitive advantage, while enabling them to achieve such talent development goals as:

  • Developing a modern global mindset
  • Deepening financial knowledge and understanding its application
  • Understanding markets and revitalizing strategies
  • Making effective analyses and well-grounded decisions
  • Promoting teamwork and cross functional cooperation.

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